Best Tools for Tracking Someones Whatsapp Account

Spy apps and services are now popular more than ever because of their demand in different markets and more importantly because they serve different types of purposes. For example, parents all over the globe use spy apps and software to monitor their kids all the time without invading in their privacy. Spouses use monitoring apps and software to catch cheating spouse red handed while companies use such services to protect their critical data and information.

How to track someone’s WhatsApp account?

Most of the monitoring and spy apps come with this feature as WhatsApp has millions of users worldwide and kids all over the globe use WhatsApp as primary way of communication, on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. In order to track someone’s WhatsApp account, activities and messages you need to install a spy and monitoring app on the target device. Unfortunately because of the operating system limitations applied by manufacturers, it is not possible to install those apps remotely so you have to do that manually. It usually takes few minutes to install the app on the target device and initiate the app for the first time. After the installation and initialization process, you don’t have to have the target device on you to monitor the activities because you can do that remotely with the help of web portal company provides at the time of purchase. After installing the app on the target device, go to the web portal and login using the credentials. As this portal is available online and secured, you can access it anywhere and anytime you want. From that web portal, you can not only control different features of the spy app but you can also access the gathered data. For example, the app installed on the target device sends all the gathered data you’ve requested to the web portal so you can access it anytime.

What other features a spy apps have?

Most of the spy apps, software and services come with some basic monitoring features like call monitoring, email monitoring, message monitoring, IM monitoring like WhatsApp and Viber, social media monitoring like Facebook and Twitter and many other features like GPS tracking. These apps work in the stealth mode that means the target person cannot possibly know the presence of spy app on the phone. Spy and monitoring apps are used by parents so they can protect their kids from cyber bullying and other cyber threats.

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