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Internet Communication Threats in Modern World

Technology has revolutionized our lives in many different ways and now we are living in a world where everyone is connected with each other in plenty of ways. Though technology has made our lives easier but there are some downsides too. Where internet allows us to chat and talk with our friends and family, do internet banking, buy things online and do other things, it also made us vulnerable in so many ways.

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How Far You Should Go When It Comes to Parental Control

As a parent, how far you are willing to go to protect your kids? Easy question, to every limit; but when it comes to parental control that is another yet practical form of protecting your kids, things change. People argue about not invading your kids’ privacy that is also much needed but it also limits your options to keep a keen eye on your kids, their activities and whereabouts while not invading their personal lives.

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