How to check Whatsapp history online

Monitoring someone is an art form, one that has seen its tools grow exponentially since the invention of the smart phone. What is sorely needed in the monitoring marketplace today is to be able to monitor what is currently on the phone and the whole history of apps like WhatsApp. This would help concerned parents of increasingly rebellious teens to be able to break through the barrier of the lack of communication. A parent needs monitoring capability of apps suck as Skype, iMessage, Twitter and Viber, just to name a few. There are many app softwares that allow you to do that, “MSpy” is one of the best of such monitoring software. The “MSpy” app features a plethora of functions such as, and not limited to, GPS tracking of the phone, call monitoring, instant messaging monitoring, internet history supervision and website blocking.

Skype and WhatsApp Message monitoring

Supervise your child’s smartphone communication app usages through “MSpy” and its remote monitoring website. A concerned parent can track Skype calls as well as Skype messages on its chats. This can all be observed from the remote monitoring control panel online.

WhatsApp Message monitoring

Whatsapp is not left behind in the monitoring world. As one of the most popular apps in the market currently, “MSpy” gives you the option to access all Whatsapp message history and files sent on the app. You can monitor multimedia files, pictures, and chat history as well as voice recordings to ensure that your child is not mixing with the wrong crowd.

iMessage and Viber supervision

These same functions apply to apps like iMessage and Viber. We are given the option to view and control the transfer of information from such apps to their recipients by using the “MSpy” control panel. As a parent, you need not fret about making sure your child is safe with “MSpy”

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