How to See Deleted Whatsapp Messages?


Are you worried about a loved one? Have he or she become secretive and suspiciously alert or tensed? The best solution that comes to mind is to check that person’s phone. However, no one is stupid enough to leave their secrets lying around like junk for anyone to read. The Whatsapp messages would be deleted if you try to search for them. How can you recover them? There is one very simple solution and the name of that solution is “Trackers”.


Let’s give a disclaimer: trackers are not illegal, if used properly. Be sure to read the legal notices accompanying the applications to get an idea of what is legal and what is not. Tracking applications are hard to find on the target device, and yet they transfer every little activity to your computer or mobile, wherever you want them to. The features of phone and iPhone  trackers include tracking every message on every communication application, including the text and the media messages, and the retrieval of all deleted messages with the date and the recipient contact as well. Furthermore, every tracker comes with a GPS tracker system that automatically monitors and informs your computer/mobile of the movements of the target mobile.

Using them

When you install the application and launch it, open it on your computer or mobile and you will see a left hand column with the names of the communication applications that are functional on the mobile you are tracking. One of them will be Whatsapp. Click on that and all messages will appear. At one side, an option of deleted messages will be present. Click on it to see which messages were deleted and when they were deleted. That is way too simple, isn’t it? Well, after all, all good things are.

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