How to see others whatsapp conversations

If you need to know what your rebellious teenage children are messaging on in their smart phones or if your spouse is on the verge of straying, checking their Whatsapp account would definitely give you some clues. With an estimated 10 billion messages delivered each day, you cannot go wrong by monitoring their Whatsapp account. To do so, all you would need is a well developed and maintained monitoring app. An app that would be able to deliver not just the monitoring capabilities on Whatsapp but the many other functions needed to keep tabs on your wayward target. Flexispy fits all the requirements for this job. You only need to know how to get it and where to install it. It’s just as simple as that.

Is a monitoring app helpful?

With Flexispy, you are able to do much, much more than just monitor whatsapp. To better frame our suggestion, we will concentrate for now, on Whatsapp monitoring. Flexispy allows you to monitor the messages on Whatsapp, complete with time and date for each conversation tracked. This means catching the risky behaviour immediately, at hand. Prevention is always better than cure. Additionally, you would be able to monitor multimedia files sent across the chats in Whatsapp, something that many apps in the market do not provide. The Flexispy monitoring app is definitely a helpful app.

Other features?

Apart from seeing Whatsapp history, other features available with Flexispy would be call monitoring, text message monitor, email tracker and GPS location tracking, just to name a few prominent functions. Above all, this app is very discrete, never allowing the target to determine that he or she is being monitored.

How to get it

All you need to do is go to the Flexispy website, download the app, jail break the phone if necessary, install the app and you’ll be set to start monitoring your target.

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