How to see whatsapp chat history of others

Is it always a good thing to know what is happening in your child’s or spouse’s life? Not always, but there are times when it is. There are many situations out there that would need you to keep an eye out on your child or your husband and unfortunately, they would require you to monitor them. An example would be when your child is running with the wrong crowd and indulging in risky behaviour. Even corporations need to keep tabs on highly sensitive information and the people who have access to it. The best way to monitor them would be by tracking their mobile phone usage. Flexispy gives you the tools at a reasonable price to do this.

First thing to look for in a spy app

The features that you would need to look at for in a spy app would be if it can monitor WhatsApp history. Flexispy gives you the tools to not only monitor WhatsApp but download the entire chat history from its servers and read shared multimedia files. All these data comes with the time and date Stamp, giving you all the data you need.

Second thing to look for

The second item you would need to look for would be stealth. The app needs to be stealthy during checking other’s whatsapp messages, else the gig is up and the target would delete the monitoring app. Much worst would be the social fallout from it. The next things to look for are its functions.

The last thing to look for

There are many things that a potential monitor should look for in a spy app. Using Flexispy as an example, an important thing now would be the compatibility of the spy app to the target phone. There are many apps out there that work only with iOS or Andriod and only a few that covers blackberry, windows and symbian as well. Flexispy covers them all.

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