How to see Whatsapp chat history online

There are not many apps that provide monitoring services out in the market and many of them do not provide the services that you are looking for in a monitoring app. Many such apps forces you to jump through many hoops to be able to start monitoring a target’s mobile phone and even then do not fully deliver its promise of a comprehensive monitoring system. Many claim that they allow monitoring of communications apps like WhatsApp and fall way short. Additionally, there are some in the market that do provide the necessary services that you would need to properly track a target, and such an app is Flexispy. It can and will deliver to you all the tools that you need to monitor a person’s WhatsApp and even their phone.

What features are provided by Flexispy

Flexispy provides call monitoring, text message monitoring, internet usage monitoring, GPS location tracking and app monitoring, among many other functions. The app monitoring is a feature that gains a lot of attention, especially with the explosion of apps like viber and WhatsApp. Taking WhatsApp as an example, Flexispy delivers the chat history and recipients of the messages sent through the target phone. You get the time and date stamp of the chat. These are features not normally given on more basic tracking apps.

What you should use Flexispy for

You get a board of features to track Whatsapp chats of your intended target. The initial question is then, what to do with so many features? You can track your rebellious teenagers who are not as forth coming of their plans as you would like. Track you spouse who is constantly checking their smart phones and behaving suspiciously or track your business associates who may attempt to sell your business information.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! There is a free trail at the Flexispy website. Just go to the website and follow the instructions to download and install the app to the target phone.

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