How to see whatsapp chat history

Chances are that your child has a smart phone. Chances are that he or she knows how to use Whatsapp. These are just symptoms of a larger issue, one whereby our lives are increasingly infiltrated by the internet of things. The connectivity between people are changing and not necessarily for the better. Issues like cyber bullying, stalking and peadophiles roaming the net are just some of the dangers out there. It is our prerogative to better protect the ones with love, especially our children. MSpy can deliver the monitoring tools that you would need to watch your kids.

Features of MSpy

The most prominent feature of MSpy would be the ability to monitor whatsapp chats. This feature allows you to closely monitor all the chats that are ongoing in the target handphone. This is one of the fastest way that a parent can use to determine if a child is being cyber bullied. Other features available are call recording, instant message tracking, GPS location tracking and internet usage and access control. MSpy is a great app to use for parental control.

Rare features

Besides reading Whatsapp messages, some rare functions not usually found in MSpy would be call log and multimedia file viewing. These are awesome tools as it allows you to check if your child is in danger or if they have been sent obscene pictures and videos. You can do a better damage control if you know what you need to do.

How to get it?

All you need to do is to go to the website,, and download the software. You can choose between 3 different plan types and tailor your app to do what you need it to do. The MSpy app is compatible to all known commercial operating systems.

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