How to see WhatsApp history online

There aren’t many apps out there that beat the market penetration of WhatsApp. Everyone with a smart phone would have WhatsApp, Viber or a communication app just like that. Millions of messages are being sent out on chat groups all over the world and chances are your target would be in one of them. To figure out if your child is the target of malicious cyber bullying or your spouse is straying, nothing really comes close to having tabs on their WhatsApp messages. Investigate and ensure that your love ones are safe and not indulging reckless behaviour by using Flexispy. This mobile tracking app provides all the information you need to monitor your child, spouse or business associate.

How to monitor WhatsApp

Getting the app is very easy. All you need to do is to go to the Flexispy website, select the plan that you want to use, download the app monitoring software, install the app to the target phone and you’re good to go. You can immediately start monitoring your target phone. Trial versions are available on the website as well. You can trial the app to monitor all that you want to monitor in your targets phone.

Functions available

There are many functions that Flexispy would be able to perform in your quest to determine the secrets that your child or spouse is hiding, besides the Whatsapp chat history tracking. The basic functions of Flexispy include call tracking, text message tracking, email tracking and internet usage observation. These are common functions that many apps out in the market contain, but none does it as well as Flexispy. You can monitor app usage effectively using the remote online control panel.

Uncommon functions

Other functions available with Flexispy not commonly found would be the ambient sound recording, GPS location tracking and keylogger functions. These give you, the monitoring source, more tools to make sure that you find the information you need.

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