How to spy on a whatsapp account

The growth of communication apps in the market has been exponential. Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook messenger and Line are just the tip of the ice berg that is the communication apps in the market. For parents that require the usage of monitoring apps to keep track of their love ones, this poses a new challenge that may make keeping their family safe even more difficult. Yet they can rest assured as the app MSpy can deliver all that they need. MSpy is available and compatible for all commercially available mobile phone operating systems. You just need to jailbreak the iOS to ensure smooth operation.

Does MSpy need the phone to be “Rooted”?

Unlike other apps out in the market, MSpy does not require the phone to be “Rooted” for Android Operating systems. Android devices that are rooted can be used to add functionality with the installation of MSpy. There really is no way to tell if an Android device has been rooted, as there are no lables or blinking lights or even statements at phone start up. If your target phone needs to be rooted to be able to operate MSpy, rest assured that to do so is quite easy and fast. To root an Android you may only need 15 minutes.

How to start using MSpy?

To start checking Whatsapp history using MSpy, all you have to do would be to select the desired plan or trial, download the app from the website and install it to the target phone. It is really that simple.

MSpy monitors Whatsapp

You can monitor WhatsApp and other communication apps remotely at the online control panel. After installation, you just need to log in to the website and choose the app that you would like to monitor. MSpy provides you with the time and date stamp as well as the chat history of the app.

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