How to track whatsapp chat history

There are many apps out in the market that promises you the best software to monitor your wayward child’s mobile phone habits. While there are legitimate reasons to monitor your child, using apps that do not deliver the needed services that are essential to keeping your child safe, it can actually turn dangerous. For example if your child is suicidal, would you want to trust their lives to an app that promises you the world but delivers next to nothing? The one app that many have used and proved that it delivers all that you need is MSpy. This app has been vetted by many and ranked one of the top 5 monitoring apps in the market.

How to get the app

All you need to do is to go to the MSpy website to begin. At the website, you are given a choice of a basic or premium plan to begin monitoring your child. Just select the plan that is most suitable to your needs and download it into your computer. Following that, install the app into your target phone. With this you can immediately start monitoring your child. MSpy is compatible with all commercial operating systems, be it Android or iOS or any other. If you would like a trial version, the website also offers you one.

Start monitoring WhatsApp

MSpy allows you to trace all the Whatsapp messages and chat histories on the remote online control panel. You are also given access to all the multimedia files sent on WhatsApp, media files like videos, voice recordings and pictures. Not many apps do that out in the market.

What else can you do with MSpy

MSpy contains many useful features to monitor your child with. You have call tracking, GPS location tracking, internet usage tracking, app control and blocking as well as surrounding sound recording functions.

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