How to Track WhatsApp Messages on Non-Rooted Android

Smartphones have completely digitized our modes of communication. We would rather call someone on their phones than get in the hassle of physically going to meet them. Smartphone apps have made the distances even smaller, making it virtually instant to share your feelings, media and more with anyone you want. WhatsApp is such an app. It is one of the most used messaging clients that allows its users to connect with others for completely free. Whether this digital form of communication is good or bad is up to you to decide. The one thing that is known without a doubt is that apps like these have given rise a lot of cybercrimes like cyberbullying, sexting, blackmailing and more.

So How Does One Stop It?

The easy answer is to use a spy app. These apps help you track anyone’s phone in order to make sure that nothing dangerous happens. However, using these apps to monitor WhatsApp isn’t very simple, at least while talking about iOS. You have to jailbreak an iPhone in order to track WhatsApp. This is where Android gives spy apps the advantage, because they can hack into any Android phone and get you the WhatsApp data you need to see.

Detecting a Problem Before it’s too late

The best use of a spy app is to find out if a threat is going to take place, and to avoid it. On an Android phone, you can easily keep an eye on the target’s WhatsApp activities, to see if something risky is going on. Parents can make sure that their children are not being contacted by strangers, or they are not sending provocative photos and videos of themselves with others. Spouses also see good use of spy apps because they can catch a cheating partner fairly easily, especially when an app lets them monitor apps like WhatsApp.

Install it and Forget About it

The best thing about Android spy apps is that they work completely on their own. After installing one on the target device and setting it up, your job is basically done. All the monitored data is synced with your own private account so you can access it easily. So if you have reason to monitor someone’s Android phone to see what they are doing over WhatsApp, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Just choose a quality app, install it on the device to be monitored, and that’s all you need to do.

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