Parental Control Software for Online Whatsapp Tracking

Parents want to protect their kids from all kinds of dangers that include cyber threats like cyber bullying etc. Unfortunately when it comes to online world, there is not much parents could do because they have no idea what activities their kids perform on the internet, what kinds of friends they have on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and what they do on IM apps like WhatsApp. Gladly, parental control software, apps and services have made it possible for them to monitor all the activities of their kids, know their whereabouts all the time and ultimately protect them from all kind of cyber threats they are not even aware of. These monitoring apps and services could be used for multiple purposes. For example parents can monitor all the online activities of their kids, keep a keen eye on them all the time using the GPS feature or restrict their online activities remotely.

How to use parental control software for online WhatsApp tracking?

Parental control software and apps could be used for online WhatsApp tracking. This way parents can know about the online activities of their kids and what they communicate about with their friends on WhatsApp. These IM services have made it easier for people to connect with each other but at the same time they also made it possible for kids to be in contact with wrong people. In order to do online WhatsApp tracking, the first step is to install monitoring app or software on the target device that could be a mobile device like phone or tablet or could be a computer. Many monitoring apps support multiple operating systems so you can install a single app or software in multiple different kinds of devices. You must have the device on you to install the parental control software because remote installation is not possible. However you don’t need physical access to the target device after the installation and initialization process because the company provides access to a web portal from where you can collect all the data gathered by that parental control software. With the help of such monitoring apps and services, you can do message monitoring, call monitoring, IM and social media monitoring, GPS tracking and email monitoring. The GPS feature shows the exact location of the target device in the real time that makes it easier for parents to locate their kids.

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