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If your child needs to quickly send a message out to his or her friends, chances are WhatsApp is being used. This app is the most well applied text messaging apps during the past few years. This is one app that has managed to capture a huge portion of smart phone users. But WhatsApp and other apps like this are also being used to facilitate illicit activities like buying drugs. To be able to prevent such a situation, there are monitoring apps that are in the market that allows you to monitor WhatsApp.

Instances when you need to monitor WhatsApp

When your teenager grows silent, it is a very difficult thing to coax the reason out from them. Most of the time, it would be a small issue, but if you are unable to build the rapport needed in the relationship to tell if the situation is serious, tragedy might strike. You might lose your child to suicide or drugs. Suicide is a growing threat among young people that is usually tied to cyber bully and many a times it is through WhatsApp. Mspy will allow you to obtain the chat history, with time and date stamp, to see if your child is being bullied. Multimedia files like pictures, videos and recordings are also monitored with MSpy, giving an added edge in preventing suicide.

Trial WhatsApp for free

The trial version of MSpy is available on the MSpy website. In order to read other’s Whatsapp messages, all you would need to do is go to the website and download the trial copy. Install the copy into your child’s mobile phone and start monitoring it to see how comprehensive MSpy is.

Other features

Monitoring WhatsApp is not the only feature available on MSpy. You get call monitoring, internet usage tracking and GPS location tracking as well, among other thing.

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